Cars, Trucks Spotted Using Laguna Lake Highway’s Bike Lane

This is why we can’t have nice things. The 5.8-kilometer Protected Bike Lane beside the Laguna Lake Highway was officially inaugurated only four days ago–on February 7 last Thursday to be exact–and yet two days later, on February 9, some cars and trucks have already been seen using it.

In a post on the Pinoy MTB–Filipino Mountain Bikers’ Facebook page last February 9, member Rodel Lopez reported seeing vehicles of different types using the two-lane bike lane, from tricycles to ten-wheeler trucks based on the photos that accompanied the post.

According to Lopez, he had just come from a bike ride when he decided to try the newly-opened Laguna Lake Highway Bike Lane. When he chanced upon the driver of one of the vehicles on the bike lane, he pointed to the driver that he (the driver and his vehicle) was on the lane that’s supposed to be exclusively for bicycles. The driver’s reply? That there were no bikes using the lane.

Apparently, despite spending PHP1.28-billion for the construction of the Laguna Lake Highway, “including the bicycle lane with provisions of street lights and road safety signages,” the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) forgot to use a fraction of the budget to make and install bollards on the exit and entry points of the bike lane which would’ve prevented any type of vehicles other than bicycles from using it. So much for calling it a ‘Protected Bike Lane’ then.

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