Cashmart - Your go-to Trusted Money Lender in Singapore

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We all have our own share of tough times. And it’s even more difficult if we can’t find any solutions to any that we’re having - especially financial constraints.

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Even if you have your emergency savings, financial troubles will come without you knowing. And when this happens, you need to take quick actions as soon as possible to avoid blowing it up any further.

Fortunately, licensed money lenders like Cash Mart can leave off all your worries. When you need instant cash to have breathing space, or pay off your bills, Cash Mart is definitely your official go-to money lender in Singapore. Know why.

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Best Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

Whenever you need it, Cash Mart has the fastest cash loan; right at your fingertips - wherever you are. Whether you need to make a quick arrangement of additional funds for your business' operation, pay for a loved one’s medical treatment, or buy a brand new laptop for work, money always comes to the rescue.

Cash Mart’s goal is to clear up burdens of their clients in times of cash crisis, with great rates, great service, awesome benefits and perks. They have served over 50,000 satisfied customers to date, and rated 9.5 standing in Google reviews. Apart from that, Cash Mart also is on top of the A+ money lender classification created by business publications in Singapore.

Cash Mart also, is one of the few licensed moneylenders in Singapore that strictly operates independently where clients' information are kept fully confidential and not distributed. As a licensed personal loan moneylender in Singapore, they do not advertise nor solicit any advance fees for pre-approved loans through SMS, over the phone or emails.

Quick Loan Steps-

Cash Mart is always committed to providing fast, convenient and affordable loan solutions. There are three loans you can apply with; Payday Loan (get your money upfront), Business Loan (cash flow for your business), and Personal Loan (cash loan for anything, everytime). Loan steps are:

STEP 1 Fill up online

Fill up their simple enquiry form on their website. After 1 working day, Cash Mart will get in touch with you.

STEP 2 Verify the loan

Cash Mart loan executives will verify your eligibility and documents for assurance that you can really pay off credits.

STEP 3 Get Credited

Sign the contract and expect your cash disbursement.

SINCE 1969

Cash Mart pride themselves with a reputation of integrity, honesty, and excellence. As an established legal money lender in Singapore sharing 50+ years of rich experience, they are well-versed in market trends, fluctuations, and legal processes on money lending options which has enabled them to provide innovative and a flexible loan option that has always ensured their customers a very affordable yet manageable low interest cash loan solution that is quickly approved and disbursed. Truly, they are always #alenderthatcares.

If you’re browsing for a well-established financial institution in Singapore that is committed to give people a convenient access to credit in a fast, reliable manner; Singapore’s leading, most trusted, minlaw licensed money lender - CASH MART - is your best go-to.

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