CAVU Resources New CEO, Kevin Vincent Cox, Shares Strategic Growth Strategy and Corporate Objectives


Cavu Resources proposed new company logo
Cavu Resources proposed new company logo
Cavu Resources proposed new company logo

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “CAVU Resources (OTC: CAVR) is excited about the growth prospects at CAVU Resources! Excitement, of course, is not enough to deliver real revenue, earnings, and wealth maximization. Excitement does, however, create energy.

We have energy. Energy, when not converted from its raw state, is lost. Concentrated, focused, and consumed with a purpose, energy can sustain life, power the communities, and send people into to space.

We have a vision, we have a strategic plan, and we know how to execute. Excitement, converted into energy, focused, and consumed with a purpose is what will propel our company forward in dramatic fashion.

Bob Silver, our Executive Chairman, and Russ Sinacori, our COO have each put an extraordinary amount of effort over the last several months preparing for what we are about to do. I have been able to come alongside their effort and we have worked together to put into place a very strong vision with an achievable, albeit ambitious, strategic and tactical plan.

Our Vision: “to build, acquire, invest, and advance companies and products that help people live, learn, socialize, endure, and enjoy their own personal pursuit of happiness.”

Our Mission: “Leverage assets, capital, and technology to further every individual’s personal pursuit of happiness.”

Our Objectives:

  • Build and innovatively develop and push to the market products that help people.

  • Acquire companies that are synergistic with our vision and mission.

  • Invest in ideas, technologies, and companies that advance our vision and mission.

  • Advance shareholder value by successfully accomplishing our vision, mission, and objectives.

Allow me to expound briefly on the phrase “personal pursuit of happiness.” Many have expounded on this famous phrase in the Declaration of Independence, but consensus amongst scholars tells us the intent is freedom to live life as one chooses – the freedom simply to be happy.

As a platform holding company, we will be relentlessly focused on aligning all our companies, products, and services around their advancement of our stakeholder’s individual pursuit to simply be happy.

I realize this sounds idealistic. But given the state of the country, the consumer, our politics, and our collective yet fractured recovery from the Pandemic – I firmly believe we have an opportunity to make a difference for all our stakeholders and consumers – and to advance shareholder value while doing so.

For this reason, we are launching a full rebranding effort and will be asking for your approval to rename the company LiveToBeHappy. LiveToBeHappy as a platform company will have five primary divisions:

  • Real Estate

  • Education

  • Technology

  • Entertainment

  • Health and Wellness

As you can tell each of these divisions have some touchpoint on the consumers personal pursuit of happiness. We are making great progress in each of these divisions:

  • Real Estate – Sinacori Builders continues record revenue growth on a year over year basis. We are also reviewing acquisitions in the space.

  • Education -- Growing Together Academy is on track for its launch in for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Technology – We are expanding the market of our SOKU app and preparing for our upcoming soft launch.

  • Entertainment – We are actively reviewing acquisitions in this space.

  • Health and Wellness – We are moving ahead with our patent pending DRIP product development plan and will be making another major product announcement in the next few weeks.

Creating a strong brand, striving to achieve an ambitious vision and mission, and executing in each of our five primary divisions puts our company on track for unparalleled success. I take the responsibility of leading this charge very seriously and am confident in our success.” Kevin Vincent Cox - Chief Executive Officer

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