CCTV captures moment Chinese doctor collapses from exhaustion amid massive COVID resurgence


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COVID cases skyrocket in China following easing of zero-COVID policy

China vows crackdown on ‘hostile forces’ amid continued protests

A Chinese doctor was caught on camera collapsing from exhaustion amid a massive COVID-19 resurgence in the country.

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Shared on Chinese social media and reposted on YouTube by The Telegraph, the doctor can be seen administering COVID tests to a crowd of patients.

After sluggishly swabbing a young boy's mouth, the doctor leans back in his chair and rests his head on the wall behind him with his eyes closed.

He can be seen waking up for a second before slumping back and sliding forward in his chair unconscious.

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The patients alert hospital staff, who attempt to wake the doctor up, but he is unresponsive.

Eventually, the staff members lift the doctor out of his chair and take him away.

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The video spread in the midst of a massive COVID-19 outbreak, which has seen many hospitals overwhelmed and understaffed.

After waves of protests spread across the country against its "zero-COVID" policy, China eased its restrictions on Dec. 7, allowing people to travel within the country without negative tests and to quarantine in their homes.

Within days, COVID-19 cases skyrocketed, which forced schools to move classes online and triggered panic buying among citizens, severely impacting the supplies of hospitals and pharmacies.

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Officials have reported at least five deaths since Tuesday; however, crematoriums in major cities have reported running out of space, with one employee in Guangzhou claiming to have been cremating over 30 bodies a day.

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