Cecilia Cheung denies allegations of fraud

Cecilia Cheung denies allegations of fraud

10 Dec – Cecilia Cheung's camp has recently dismissed rumours pertaining to her case against Haisong Group that accused her of breaching her contract.

Previously, the company has filed a lawsuit against Cecilia and her agency AEG on the basis of contract fraud, saying that they failed to fulfil their side of the contract, which calls for Cecilia's participation on the reality programme, "Muse Dress".

The actress reportedly has already been paid RMB2 million (approximately USD326,155) for her participation before refusing to do so.

However, Cecilia has recently denied allegations that she has received the payment from the company, and that the reports of such doing was misleading and affecting her personal reputation.

Cecilia Cheung's camp stated that they will maintain their stance and will defend their legitimate rights and interests through legal means.

Previously, AEG's president Yu Yuk Hing denied the allegation made by Haisong Group, and said that it was the latter that breached the contract first, which led to their withdrawal.

(Photo source: jaynestars.com)

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