Cecilia Cheung doesn't mind being a failure

Cecilia Cheung doesn't mind being a failure

12 Jun – After her last two movies bombed at the box office, Cecilia Cheung was given the title of "China's Next Biggest Box Office Poison". She should have been devastated, but the actress seemed to have an opposite reaction.

Jayne Stars reported that on the variety show "Happy Couples" hosted by Aya Liu, when Cecilia was asked to comment about being called the Worst Actress, she confidently answered, "It is what I wanted to hear the most."

When asked to elaborate the confusing reply, 32-year-old actress explained, "Failures represent a new beginning," adding that failure can help a person to learn how to be grateful.

"I believe God provides us with the best. He also has the right to give us the bad, but I can learn how to accept both!" she added.

Meanwhile, when asked when she would find a new life partner, the actress expressed, "I am not looking forward to it as much anymore. However, if someone who is fated comes along, who am I to reject him?"