Cecilia Cheung establishes fashion brand

3 Jan – It was recently revealed that actress Cecilia Cheung has established her own fashion brand.

As reported on Phoenix, on 28 December her studio announced on Weibo, "Today, a new field, a new beginning. Cecilia's personal brand SEECECISTREET is officially launched."

The post also shared a link to the brand's website, which is still empty aside from a couple of items as well as videos of Cecilia donning some of its upcoming products.

When asked why she decided to start her own brand, the actress simply responded that she wants to save money.

"It's a lot of waste to go out and buy it. You'll save a lot if you design your own clothes and wear it," she added.

It was also revealed that Cecilia does not only design clothes for herself, but is also using her two sons Lucas and Quintus as her models.

(Photo Source: Cecilia Studio Weibo)