Cecilia Cheung reportedly sending kids to Singaporean school

Cecilia Cheung reportedly sending kids to Singaporean school

6 Nov – Rumour has it that Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung is planning to follow the footsteps of Francis Ng and send her boys to school in Singapore.

Bandao website reported that the actress, who was in Canada just a while ago, was recently spotted vacationing in Singapore with her two children, Lucas and Quintus, and was seen taking the boys to a gaming arcade.

However, sources believed that the actress' trip to Singapore was not only meant to be a holiday getaway, but also to scout for good schools, as she also previously mentioned in an interview that she intends to find Lucas and Quintus a good education environment.

At the same time, Cecilia also triggered speculations about her current relationship status when she was seen behaving intimately with a Caucasian man in a restaurant in Singapore.

Netizens also uploaded several other photos of the actress showing off her figure in a red bikini, while posing closely with several Caucasian men.

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