Cecilia Han: "I never kiss!"

Rheus Wai Soh See
Cecilia Han: "I never kiss!"

30 May – Mainland Chinese singer-actress Cecilia Han Xue has refused to do kissing scenes, according to Huashang Daily, as reported by May Daily.

The actress, 28, argued and refused director Jeffrey Chiang when asked to smooch a co-star in "Hotelier", a Chinese remake of the classic Korean romantic TV drama.

"If I just simply kissed someone when shooting a show or a movie, my life would be affected," Cecilia was quoted as saying.

"I must be responsible to my significant other – so I won't do kissing scenes."

The Beijing-born "Para Para Sakura" and "Girl's Revolution" star said she has remarkably managed to ply one of the oldest trades in the world (acting) for 10 strong years without doing a single kissing scene.