Celebrity trainers share their secrets to get (or keep) that beach-ready core

August may be well underway, but it's never too late to get yourself those abs that top models have been sharing with their followers from idyllic beaches all over the world. No better time, then, to head back to Instagram and check out tips and tricks from the celebs' own trainers before hitting the beach.

Kit Rich, one of the "Top Five Trainers in Los Angeles" according to SHAPE magazine, and the woman behind Jennifer Lawrence and Kesha's bodies -- got an early start back in June with tried-and-true Pilates workouts. She shared a snap featuring her on a reformer, a piece of equipment that is exclusive to Pilates and provides resistance and range of movement that sculpt the abs and back.

"Gentle Giant" Leyon Azubuike, who's responsible for J-Lo's killer abs, knows that a strong, lean core isn't about gruelling crunches -- it's all in the balance. This particular exercise, which is similar to a push-up, is a core-strength powerhouse that also tones the back and arms.

Core tucks are the name of the game for Lacey Stone, who helps Khloé Kardashian stay in shape. Leg-raise crunches (with a weight in this case) help not only to get that six pack, but also to strengthen obliques for balance and strength.

Astrid Swan -- whose clients include icon Alicia Silverstone and Shay Mitchell -- keeps it short and sweet, with a 30-minute workout that works the pelvic floor, making it perfect for new moms. Lifting your arms and legs as you do a gentle, controlled crunch is also an effective way to get lean, fast.