Celebs who tip off the paparazzi for their own gain

Ever wonder how some celebrities “coincidentally” get photographed in remote places, picture-perfect settings, or unusual situations? And one paparazzi agency just happens to be there to exclusively snap the photos? It’s simple: Many stars have photogs on speed dial when they’re ready for that perfect shot.

Stars like Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian most likely have called upon the eager shutterbugs to come out to play, when they are in need of something in return. Whether it’s an image makeover,  an opportunity for a D-list celeb to get his or her face out there (looking at you, Heidi and Spencer), or simply just a way to get the first  “hot new couple” shots out of the way, celebs have learned that staging their own setups can work in their favor.