CES 2017: innovative fitness gadgets​ to improve your health this year

CES 2017: innovative fitness gadgets​ to improve your health this year

With this year's Consumer Electronics Show 2017 currently taking place in Las Vegas through January 8, we round up our pick of the most innovative health and fitness devices being showcased at the event.

Activbody Activ5

Health and fitness company Activbody unveiled their inaugural product at CES 2017, the first-of-its-kind, isometric-based strength training device Activ5.

Designed to tone the body and enable users to work out anywhere, anytime, the Activ5 uses isometric exercises which build strength in static positions such as sitting or standing so users don't have to move around too much.

The device is also both small and portable, making it perfect for traveling and working out out on-the-go, with exercises that are easy to do, low-impact, and work the whole body in just 5 minutes.

The wireless device can be synced with the Activ5 app to watch the workouts on your phone wherever you are, and you can also set reminders to ensure that you don't miss a workout, whether at home or on the road.


If you're a regular gym goer then the BenjiLock could be the newest addition to your gym bag.

As many gyms need a padlock for their lockers, carrying a key around is justr another thing to try to fit into your waistpack, and is particulary troublesome if you're going for a swim. But by using your own fingerprints to unlock the padlock, the BenjiLock® does away with the need for keys and keeps your belongings ultra secure in a public place such as the gym.

Plume Labs Flow

With air pollution now a big health concern for many city dwellers, Plume Labs' new product, Flow, is an easy way for individuals to track the air quality around them.

The small mobile device can be attached to your bag and takes in the air as you travel around. It then measures it for levels of pollution, exhaust fumes, irritating gas, household chemicals, as well as temperature and humidity, and feeds this info back to its own smartphone app. With the app Flow users can then receive air quality alerts, advice on how to avoid the pollution, and optimum times to head outside for an outdoor workout.


Health and wellness device LEVL can tell users if they are burning fat, with just one breath.

To help you to find out if you are working out effectively, and in real time, users just have to press the button on LEVL, breathe into its breath pod, and it will measure the level of acetone in the breath. As the level of acetone is related to the amount of body fat being burned, users can see if their hard work is paying off.

Results are sent to LEVL's companion smartphone app, with an acetone reading of 2PPM (Parts Per Million) indicating a higher state of fat metabolism, and a loss of at least ½ lb. of body fat per week, helping users stay on track with their weight loss goals.