Chairman of AGW Group, one of the entities behind SPARK global acceleration programme, to speak about cybersecurity in Echelon Thailand 2017

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Eitan Lavie

Eitan Lavie of AGW Group, which launched Thailand’s SPARK global acceleration programme with Thailand’s National Innovation Agency, to speak about cybersecurity at Echelon Thailand 2017. Read on to find out more.

In an increasingly borderless digital global ecosystem, ensuring the security of individual and business information and assets is imperative. Especially for businesses with a global or regional reach, where there is a higher likelihood of breaches incurring greater damages, cybersecurity is a topic that should not be ignored.

Join Eitan Lavie, Chairman of AGW Group, as he discusses the importance of cybersecurity at Echelon Thailand 2017. Hear from one of the region’s top investor and entrepreneur as he shares ideas on keeping secure despite a robust international activity and constant digital presence. Gain insight on how you can secure your business from intentional or unintentional breaches even through consistent communication with various individuals and groups worldwide.

Echelon Thailand2017 is a tech conference (May 15-16, Bangkok) and year-long digital platform attracting international speakers, founders, investors and professionals.

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About Eitan

Eitan is an investor and shareholder in various companies and startups from pre-seed to IPO, focussing on innovative technology. In addition to investment and consulting to these companies while they grow, he is also utilising his vast network to advance these companies and strengthen their core marketing and sales in different sectors, such as Technology, Manufacturing and Production, and Defense.

With more than 20 years of experience, Eitan is highly experienced in complicated ventures and investments, as entrepreneur, a lawyer or an investor both in Israel and overseas, mainly in the technology sector, mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. As part of his international activity, Eitan maintains a wide range of work relationships and cooperation with various organizations and companies worldwide.

In his position as the CEO and Chairman of AGW Group, Eitan leads “SPARK” – the first national global accelerator of Thailand, in collaboration with NIA – the National Innovation Agency of Thailand. Within his scope of activities, Eitan established branches in New York, Paris, London, Tel-Aviv and Hong Kong.


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