Charlene Choi wants gift of privacy

Charlene Choi wants gift of privacy

15 Feb – Singer-actress Charlene Choi wants nothing else but to be given the freedom to enjoy her time with her loved one on Valentine's Day in privacy.

According to Groove Asia website, the actress, who is currently dating "Triad" actor, William Chan, stated, "My requirement for Valentine's Day is very simple. I only wish to have a good partner I love by my side. Anything else does not matter."

The actress stated, "I will be happy and content to just have a meal or watch a romantic movie together with my loved one on Valentine's Day."

Stating that it is rare to have Valentine's Day fall on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, the actress revealed that she is celebrating both festivities overseas with her boyfriend, stating, "I just hope that the media will be generous and give us a break, that they will not follow us and let us enjoy a free and relaxed Valentine's Day. Furthermore, this is my first time spending Valentine's Day abroad with my other half."

Asked about her Year of the Snake resolution, the actress hopes for her career to continue charging forward with the right approach, saving effort and leading to better results.

The "My Wife is 18" star stated, "My biggest wish is to film a movie that is completely different from any genre or character I have played before. However, working in this industry for so many years, I will not be too concerned. Instead, I have a lot of faith in my career. These days, I have learned to be satisfied because plans will never be able to catch up to changes. It is best to work with a happy attitude and continue to equip myself."