Charlie Sheen makes a cheeky comeback in Lil Pump's 'Drug Addicts' video

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Where has Charlie Sheen been lately? The former Two and a Half Men star, whose drug-fueled escapades relegated him to Hollywood exile, is back — and he’s chosen a cheeky comeback vehicle, starring opposite Miami rapper Lil Pump in the music video for his song “Drug Addicts,” which dropped late Thursday night.

The video, set in the sketchiest of hospitals, amply lives up to its name — presenting enough substance-related references to make viewers dizzy. If the obvious (Sheen himself, who plays a poker-faced physician) wasn’t sufficiently blatant, “Dr. Pump” smokes, drinks, and pops just about everything in sight, all the while cheerfully delivering lines such as “I’ve been smoking since I was 11/ I’ve been popping pills since I was 7” and alluding to having a bowl of “Molly” for breakfast.

Despite the fact that Pump is a mere 17 years old, “Dr. Sheen” nods in approval, while nurses in sexy scrubs and a troupe of lively senior citizens party right along on the ward. The celebration ends up with a breakout from the hospital — old folks and all — and an epic dance-off in an empty pool.

All good things must come to an end, however, and the two “doctors” are eventually dragged off by men in white coats.

Sheen, correctly forecasting that the video would make waves, alluded to “breaking the internet” in a tweet teasing the video Tuesday.

The rapper broke out in 2017 with the smash hit “Gucci Gang,” which has logged more than 2 billion audio and video streams to date.

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