Charmaine Sheh to star in Jonathan Chik's new drama

7 Mar – Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh has confirmed that she is set to star in a new drama produced by Jonathan Chik.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who worked with Jonathan in the 2011 drama, "When Heaven Burns", shared that she is playing a lawyer in the upcoming project, which will reunite her with her co-stars from the aforementioned drama, Moses Chan and Kenny Wong.

"I have waited for [this collaboration] for six years. But this time, we're not involved in the script discussion," she said.

Charmaine also admitted that she is most worried about the length of her lines due to the fact that her character is working in the legal field.

"The dialogue is very long and has a lot of technical information," she said.

The actress also revealed that the production will soon announce the rest of the cast. But when asked if Bowie Lam, who was also part of "When Heaven Burns", will star in the new drama, Charmaine only smiled and declined to respond.

(Photo source: Charmaine Cheh Instagram)