I, chatbot: SIA unveils 'Kris' for customer service

I, chatbot: SIA unveils 'Kris' for customer service

SIA will launch it on its website after a beta on Facebook.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) launched a beta English chatbot "Kris" through its global Facebook page to be made available on its website later on.

According to a press release, customers will be able to chat privately with Kris and be assisted for preflight-related questions, such as booking and checking in.

SIA said that based on historical data, the beta bot has been trained to address the most frequent queries customers search for on singaporeair.com or reach out to reservations offices for.

"Using variations of actual questions received from customers, Kris’ responses have been fine-tuned through rounds of iterations using artificial intelligence, with the aim of training the bot to provide conversational replies that can meet the needs of customers promptly and efficiently," the airlines added.

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