Ranked: Cheapest supermarkets in Britain

Mhari Aurora
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Britain's cheapest supermarkets have been revealed, but prices are still rising. Photo: PA
Britain's cheapest supermarkets have been revealed, but prices are still rising. Photo: PA

The cheapest British supermarkets have been revealed and Waitrose is now the most expensive.

According to data from online price tracking website, Alertr, all baskets had gone up in price in January compared with the month prior, as supermarkets continue receiving high demand for their products in lockdown.

For the ninth consecutive month, Asda (WMT) won the top spot as Britain’s cheapest supermarket, although its basket had risen by £7.22 ($9.80) compared with the previous month.

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Andy Barr, co-founder of Alertr, said: “We are well and truly in lockdown and it seems supermarkets are indeed increasing their prices as all stores had a higher average basket cost than last month, but it seems Iceland (^OMXIPI) noticed they were becoming more expensive than Morrisons (MRW.L) and have taken price cuts to keep up with the competition, crowning them the second cheapest supermarket for the month of January.

“Asda still remains the reigning champion and it seems other supermarkets will really have to look into cutting their prices if they want to knock them off the top spot any time soon.”

The prices are calculated for the seven largest supermarkets in Britain according to the cost of 42 items from the government-based consumer price index ‘shopping basket’.

Included in this basket are items such as eggs, milk and bread, as well as non-perishable goods like pasta, rice and cereal.

Aldi and Lidl, however, could not be included in the dataset as they do not offer a full range of online shopping and do not sell comparable branded products.

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Pipping Ocado (OCDO.L) to the post, Waitrose has been crowned the new most expensive supermarket this month, with a basket costing £18.50 more than in Asda.

Ocado did manage however, to be the cheapest option for one item in particular, and that was gin.

Supermarket rankings:

  1. ASDA - £109.20 (£7.22 higher than last month)

  2. Iceland – £115.53 (£3.75 higher than last month)

  3. Morrisons – £117.42 (£9.38 higher than last month)

  4. Tesco – £118.19 (£5.43 higher than last month)

  5. Sainsbury’s – £119.47 (25p higher than last month)

  6. Ocado – £127.44 (£3.85 higher than last month)

  7. Waitrose – £127.70 (£5.17 higher than last month)

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