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Motorcycle ownership has undoubtedly increased during the recent pandemic.

With the increasing number of motorcycle owners hit the road, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the country, reminds riders of proper road awareness and practices.

Here are some motorcycle safety tips from HPI that would help riders, especially beginners, stay safe on the road.

Inspect your ride

Your journey does not begin when you hit the road. Every good rider always remembers to check the motorcycle. Things you should look out for are the battery, lights, oil, water, brakes, air, and gas. To make it easy to remember, use the acronym BLOWBAG.

Turning this into a routine can ensure your safety, but HPI says that it's best to meet a mechanic right away when an issue pops up.

Ride a bike that fits you

Choosing a motorcycle should not always be based on its looks and its power. A motorcycle that suits the physical attributes of the owner makes for a safer ride.

You should consider the motorcycle’s height, so you can get on and off quickly. Moreover, the handlebars and the controls of the motorcycle must be within reach.

Ride to your own BeAT

Most importantly, you should ride at your own pace instead of pushing yourself and your ride to be ahead of the others.

That said, HPI encourages beginners to try out the BeAT.

The Honda BeAT is an automatic motorcycle that’s easy to use making it perfect for first-time riders.

It’s designed with a slim, sharp look, and overall compact design. The Honda BeAT comes in three striped variants: the Street (STD), the Fashion Sport (STD), and the Premium (ISS/CBS).

Safety-wise, Honda’s compact scooter features a Combi Brake System (CBS) and an Idling Stop System (ISS).

Meanwhile, its Enhanced Smart Power (ESP) engine technology combines high power and high fuel efficiency allowing it to clock in at 63kpl.

In addition, Honda packed the BeAT with other features like a semi-digital meter panel with Eco Indicator, tubeless tires, and an attractive headlight and signal light combination cluster.

The Honda BeAT Fashion Sport (STD) and Street (STD) are priced at P66,900 while the Premium (ISS/CBS) sports a sticker price of P70,400.

"It's all about you as a rider. We need to remember that it's not just the design and power of a motorcycle. Still, we must also be aware of our environment, the type and capability of our motorcycle, and most importantly, the specific skills required. Concentrate and be alert at all times when you're behind the handlebar," said Alvin Arquileta of Honda Safety Driving Center.

Photo from Honda

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