Cheerleader Arrested for Faking Burglary to Keep Her Uniforms

A cheerleader faked a burglary so she wouldn’t have to turn in her beloved cheer uniforms. (Photo: Getty Images)

The things cheerleaders will do to hold onto the glory days. A Texas student was actually arrested for lying to the police — all because she didn’t want to return her cheer uniforms.

In April, an El Paso student named Gina Nicole Torrijos called her local police to report a burglary. She alleges that someone came into her house and stole two Riverside High School cheerleading uniforms from her bedroom dresser — that’s it. No computers, jewelry, or TVs taken. Just the uniforms. Clearly, these burglars had very specific taste.

Torrijos told police that she received “several text messages from an anonymous number stating that her uniforms had been taken,” according to the El Paso Times. She told cops she saw someone in her backyard trying to remove the screen to her bedroom window, but her boyfriend chased off the person. So, then … when did they get into her bedroom to steal the uniforms? It doesn’t take a detective to know something is fishy here, just an experienced Clue player.

High school cheerleader Gina Nicole Torrijos was arrested on suspicion of submitting a false police report on the theft of her cheer uniforms. (Photo: Courtesy El Paso Police Department)

A Pebble Hills Tactical Unit spoke to neighbors as part of the investigation. The neighbors reported that they didn’t see or hear anything unusual. The officers then spoke to the high school cheer coach, who provided the final piece to the puzzle, telling the police that Torrijos had returned one of her two uniforms.

Clearly aware that her plan was falling apart, Torrijos wrote a confession, telling police that she had “made up the story of the burglary of habitation to cover the fact that she wanted to avoid turning in her cheer uniforms to the school,” the complaint states. In other words, she staged a robbery to keep her cheerleading uniforms. Maybe she wanted to one day show her children how cool mom was in high school or do a fun cheer at her future wedding, like this bride?

Although Torrijos admitted to police that she has the second uniform, she’s now saying that she can’t find it, according to the El Paso Times. She’s still clearly determined to keep the outfit.

So in a desperate move to hold onto a measly shirt and skirt, Torrijos was arrested on suspicion of making a false report to a police officer, which, according to the El Paso Times, “is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.”

The paper reports that Torrijos was released from jail on a $5,000 bond on Friday. We’re guessing that she is now back to dancing around her room in her cheer uniform.

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