Chef Jamie Oliver in hot soup and other top lifestyle news to know

CANNES, FRANCE - OCTOBER 15: Jamie Oliver attend the Jamie Olivier photocall as part of the MIPCOM 2018 on October 15, 2018 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images)

By: Jade Yong

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Jamie Oliver in hot soup

Jamie Oliver, the affable, down-to-earth TV chef sensation, rose to fame when he was noticed as guest on a cooking show and was offered his own show instead. He went on to open multiple restaurants around the world, and was in recent years known for his campaign against unhealthy food in school kitchens. Yesterday it was announced that he’s been forced to shut down up to 25 outlets in Britain, causing a loss of 1000 jobs. What’s next for this man on a mission?

Women On Top: Cassandra Tan of Botany Restaurant

Cassandra Tan was already the founder of business space rental platform BITSY Global, when she joined forces with co-partners Serene Tan and actress Julie Tan, to form BOTANY. BOTANY is a fresh dining concept that promises to deliver a convivial yet refined venue for guests to gather over wholesome, soulful food. Here, she tells us about her journey so far.

Trevor Noah brings the laughter this August

South African funnyman and host of The Daily Show comes to Singaporean shores this August! He’s most known for his cracking wit, and spot on impersonations. Trevor Noah’s “Loud & Clear” show will be held on August 19th, with ticket pre-sales opening TODAY!

Game of Thrones: A commentary on pleasing fans of the show

Ahhhh, an epic show that spans 10 years, where we watched the characters evolve, the actors grow right on our screens; As kingdoms burn and betrayal, murder, and magic blow our minds and give us the biggest form of escapism from our daily lives. It would already be a monumental task to keep fans happy, and as we all know by now, the makers of GOT didn’t really rise to the challenge. But here is why we still cried at the finale, and why we’re grateful.

Singapore sends two contestants for Global CrossFit Games 2019

The last time Singapore sent a contestant to the Global Crossfit Games was a solid decade ago, in 2009. Then, the crossfit movement hadn’t picked up yet. Over the years, the tough format made it “virtually impossible” for anyone from Singapore to qualify. But with the most recent change in format to encourage inclusivity, we’re now sending national CrossFit champions Ian Wee and Landy Eng to represent us.