Made in Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh Works A Mega Beehive: How To Get The Look!

Cute Couple Alert! While trawling through Twitter yesterday, we came across Professor Green's snap of gorgeous girlfriend Millie Mackintosh. Aww. But more importantly: LOOK at that fabulous beehive hair do! The reality TV star looked like she’d time travelled back to the '60s thanks to her Twiggy-esque makeup (hello flicked black eyeliner, mega lashes and pearly lipstick) with a cropped leather jacket and white jeans for a day of filming 'Made in Chelsea' on the Kings Road in London.

Of course, Millie is a bonafide beauty blogger as well as a telly star so she isn’t one to shy away from trying new beauty trends. If you haven't already, we recommend you check out MM's beauty blog (, which is filled with tips and step by step videos to help you nail the Chelsea look. And having just landed a deal with St Tropez, this is one lady with more than a few beauty products up her sleeve.

What's more, beehives are big news round these parts so we're pleased to see Millie is the latest starlet to jump on the bandwagon. We'll never forget when Cheryl Cole stepped out with similarly huge hair emphasised by a tight head band back in September 2011 at the launch of her shoe collaboration with Stylistpick. She was shortly followed by Lady Gaga who turned heads in October 2011 when on a trip to London, reminding us that flat hair is well and truly over (check out our favourite beehive-rs in the gallery above).

So are you tempted to try the chic up 'do? We like to make things as simple as possible for our readers so click play on the video below, courtesy of brilliant blog Wish Wish Wish, and get your combs at the ready...

1.       Make a horizontal part from ear to ear.

2.       Clip to the top part of your hair on the top of your head to keep it out of the way

3.       Twist the bottom part of hair

4.       Run the twist vertically on the back of the centre of the head, securing it with bobby pins

5.       Unclip top part of the hair and start to backcomb (Tip to root)

6.       Use lots of hairspray on the backcombed hair to maintain volume

7.       Using your hands, shape a rounded puff on top of your hair

8.       Tuck the tips of the hair into the twist and secure with bobby pins

9.       Finally, use lots of hairspray to maintain volume on your new up do!

By Jessica Ding,

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