ChemREADY Announces New High-Efficiency Side Stream Filtration Product Line

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A new filtration alternative is being launched by ChemREADY for ultra-fine particulate removal for cooling towers to help reduce plant operational expenses

ChemREADY, a division of Zinkan Enterprises, Inc., a premiere Northeast Ohio specialty chemicals company, announces the launch of a High-Efficiency Side Stream Filtration product line. These high-efficiency side stream filtration units were designed to bring modular and cost-effective filtration to larger industrial cooling tower systems and smaller commercial applications.

Side stream filtration has been utilized in cooling towers for years. The U.S. Department of Energy cited side stream filtration to be a cost-effective alternative to full flow filtration as it can effectively improve the water quality, leading to reduced water consumption and improved efficiency of cooling systems. Unlike full flow filtration where water is treated after it has left the tower, side stream filtration systems treat system water while the cooling systems are online, avoiding the need for planned downtime.

Some side stream filtration units will often leave behind ultra-fine particles in the water, which are the root cause of multiple cooling tower issues. High-efficiency side stream filtration can remove these particles down to 0.45 microns. Compare that to other filtration alternatives that only remove particulates down to 10 microns, leaving behind bacteria and other common contaminants that are a common source for cooling tower fouling and downtime.

"The High-Efficiency Side Stream Filtration product line fits nicely in our portfolio and provides customers the ability to reduce their water consumption, improve energy efficiency of their equipment and ultimately improve the life expectancy of their Cooling Towers," said Timothy Drake, ChemREADY Division, Vice President. "Combining this product line with our chemical knowledge and service, our customers have a unique situation where the investment pays for itself in a minimal amount of time. These are all key aspects in our products and services that we provide our customers, and we are excited to add Side Stream Filtration to the ChemREADY product family."

ChemREADY’s High-Efficiency Side Stream filters offer the flexibility and redundancy plant managers need to ensure clean cooling tower operations. These units are modular, cost-efficient filtration systems offering robust designs with no-hassle, "crane-free" installation. Each unit can stand alone or be installed in series to facilitate filtration for any size cooling tower. In addition, they start working immediately, with no need to build up a filter cake. ChemREADY offers two base units: the CT70, a 70 gallon per min for larger industrial systems, and the CT30, a 30 gallon per min for smaller commercial applications covering a range of cooling towers from 100 tons to 3000 tons when connected in series.

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About ChemREADY

ChemREADY ( is a Division of Zinkan Enterprises, Inc., an Ohio based specialty chemicals and services company that focuses on water-related markets. They provide a variety of chemicals to clean and re-use water for industrial processes, and to keep closed loop systems (boilers & cooling towers) operating at peak efficiency. Their professional field personnel are backed by a staff of analytical chemists, an extensive logistical network with decades of experience in water-based chemistry. Their commercial staff is available around the clock and can deliver products anywhere in the world.

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