Chevrolet Silverado EV teased and set for CES 2022 reveal

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GM just announced that it will be revealing the Silverado EV at CES in January 2022. The opening keynote on January 5 will serve as the platform of its debut, and it’s being delivered by none other than GM CEO Mary Barra.

Details are sparse, but the automaker gave us a short teaser video, photo and a couple niblets of information. For one, it’s going to feature an available (likely optional) fixed glass roof. It will supposedly offer better headroom than what we have in the current Silverado, and it’s also the subject in Chevy’s teaser shots.

Through the large glass roof we can see two passengers lit up by an enormous touchscreen. The screen seemingly stretches from the passenger side of the center console, straight into where you’d expect the instrument cluster to start. Below the screen are air vents, a pair of very visible knobs (telling us it won’t be all touch controls) and cup holders on the console. The rest of the truck will remain a mystery. At least it will until Chevy inevitably hits us with further teasers, of course.

As for other info, Chevy says the Silverado EV is a ground-up project using the Ultium Platform. It also confirmed that there will be both fleet and retail versions of the electric Silverado — only the retail version will offer the glass roof. The company is also promising a range of “more than 400 miles on a full charge,” but doesn’t elaborate. Lastly, Chevy says you’ll be able to option four-wheel steering with the Silverado EV. Crab Mode, as seen on the GMC Hummer EV wasn’t mentioned, but the four-wheel steering will still make the Silverado EV much more maneuverable in tight spots.

For now, we wait until January 5 when all our questions will be answered.

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