‘Chicken Shop Date’ Host Says Fame Hit Her When Paparazzi Stalked Jennifer Lawrence Outside Show: ‘Just Crazy to Me’ (Video)

“Chicken Shop Date” host and journalist Amelia Dimoldenberg recalled that she registered just how successful her show had become when paparazzi trailed Jennifer Lawrence to the London restaurant where Dimoldenberg conducts her datelike interviews.

Sean Evans, her kindred spirit in chicken-based interviews, opened his spicy wing gauntlet interview with her asking about the craziest behavior Dimoldenberg has witnessed in her time as the host of “CSD.”

“Everyone’s always queuing up outside to get their chicken from the chicken shop and now we actually have security outside the shop to sort of stop people from, not trying to see me, it’s from trying to get some chicken like that’s literally what people are trying to do when they’re trying to get to the chicken shop,” Dimoldenberg said. “We’ve had lots of people banging on the doors like rattling the outside of it. Oh, with Jennifer Lawrence paparazzi followed her. There was like photos in the Daily Mail [with the headline] ‘Jennifer Lawrence Exiting a Chicken Shop in Edgware Road’ which was just crazy to me because I grew up like on like one row away from Edgware Road.”

Dimoldenberg expressed her dislike for the first sauce used in the interview, which was a Hot Ones branded sauce. She also compared the fourth sauce, another Hot Ones signature called Los Calientes Barbacoa, to ketchup.

“I do love ketchup. Is that an insult? To call a hot sauce like ketchup? I’m so sorry” she said. “I’m terrible at like food in general. Like I’m not a foodie. I’ve got, I’m really not that adventurous. I’m really bad.”

Evans joked that this is why she does a nuggets and chips show. For the Da Bomb sauce, Evans and Dimoldenberg ate the sauce on a chicken nugget instead of the usual chicken wing. Dimoldenberg tied the topic to one of her favorite “Hot Ones” episodes when Florence Pugh gave a recipe for each bite she took during her wing gauntlet interview. She later revisited the joke about the hot sauce when Evans asked her what tips she had for his show to rebrand.

Watch the full interview at the top of this post.

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