Child knocked over by e-bike rider in Singapore

Disregarding traffic regulations, an individual riding an electric bicycle was apprehended after colliding with a child who was crossing the street, knocking him over.

Footage captured by a dashboard camera documenting the incident was shared on SG Road Vigilante’s Facebook page on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

The incident reportedly occurred at the intersection of Coleman Street and Hill Street on Sept. 19, at approximately 7:30pm. The video depicts the pedestrian crossing signal showing a green light as the young boy crossed the road in the company of two adults.

He drops something and turns to retrieve it, only to be swiftly struck by the e-bike rider. The collision sends the boy tumbling backward.

Immediately, a woman and a man rush to check on the child. The woman vehemently gestures toward the green man signal, seemingly scolding the rider for not yielding to pedestrians. Meanwhile, the child doesn’t appear seriously injured after the collision.

The boy then bends down to recover the items he dropped. Towards the end of the video, the rider departs from the junction and continues on his way.

Netizens have inundated the comments section, criticizing the rider for disregarding traffic regulations.

Some have called for a ban on e-bikes from the road, with one commenter even advocating for a ban on bicycles altogether. One Facebook user wrote, “It’s time to ban all bicycles, electric or not.”

Another user pointed out that the rider easily escaped consequences for breaking traffic rules, suggesting that such accidents might become more frequent.