Children and adults enjoy excitement at GegaRia fest

Nor Ain Mohamed Radhi, SYALIKHA SAZILI

PUTRAJAYA: Scorching sun did not dampen the spirits of visitors who came to the second day of Media Prima Bhd’s (MPB) GegaRia fest.

Held at the parking area near the Palace of Justice here, the event saw visitors were excited with activities lined-up.

Nurul Atiqah Mohd Sapri, 29, who lives in Bangi came with her husband and three children aged between two and six years-old.

“I got to know about GegaRia being held here after we went to National Day parade yesterday. So, instead of taking my children to the mall, we decided to come here as there are many activities and food trucks,” she said when met.

Scorching sun did not dampen the spirits of visitors who came to the second day of Media Prima Bhd’s (MPB) GegaRia fest. Pix by Luqman Hakim Zubir

Atiqah said her children were excited when they got to play giant soap bubbles available at the fest.

Another visitor, Roslinda Ab Jalil, 38, came all the way from Banting to the fest, with her husband, three children and mother-in-law.

“I have never been to any GegaRia fest before. I told my husband and he agreed to bring us here.”

She said her children were excited to see an audio-visual exhibition at #KitaPunya Throwback Tunnel.

“They were excited because the images were in black and white and asked us if people in the past lived in black and white,” she said.

The Throwback Tunnel is set up by the New Straits Times Press (NSTP) Resource Centre.

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey of the nation’s growth from the 1950s until today, featuring works by NSTP’s photographers and quotes from famous Malaysian figures.

Other than #KitaPunya Throwback Tunnel, there were another four zones namely #KitaPunya Lifestyle, #KitaPunya Esports, #KitaPunya Chillex and #KitaPunya Concert.

This is the eighth GegaRia fest since January.

Among the activities that were lined up for the visitors were #KitaPunyaStail make up session with Farah Farhana who shared how to do the ‘Merdeka Look’ and #KitaPunyaGemilang health talk with Hanif Shawn and Dr Nawar Ariffin.

Also held was #KitaPunyaStail talk with Nandini and Zaidi, who shared about being Malaysian.

Nandini during the talk said “Despite having differences in terms of race, religion and type of food that we consume, what makes us ‘us’ is Malaysia.”

Meanwhile, during the #KitaPunya Stail session with Elfira Loy, the actress shared her dream to have a platform for local designers to showcase their designs under one roof, just like in Thailand.

“We have many good local designers who offer good designs. I hope that one day we will have something similar like in Thailand,” she said.

Also held was sharing session with Mat Dan, Rhys William and Cassidy Anderson during #KitaPunyaBudaya session.

Later tonight (at 9pm), there will be a concert with artistes including Faizal Tahir, Wany Hasrita, Stacy, Kugiran Masdo, Misha Omar and Bunkface. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd