China teacher suspended after slapping incident goes viral

Yahoo Southeast Asia Newsroom
A teacher in China was suspended for slapping 38 students.

A teacher in China was suspended and given a warning after he was filmed slapping 38 students.

The local education authority is still investigating the incident, which reportedly happened in a secondary school in the city of Hefei.

Although the teacher, surnamed Zhang, had apologised to his students and their families, some parents have refused to accept his apology, said a China Daily report.

The incident reportedly happened on 1 Sept. A student secretly recorded the scene on his phone as Zhang slapped his students in the face when they failed to perform the task he wanted. The video was uploaded and went viral soon after.

In the video, Zhang is seen slapping each student on the cheek twice while the student stands in front of the class. Over 20 students were seen getting slapped in the video.

The school’s principal was quoted by China Daily as saying that Zhang should have known that his actions were “unacceptable”.


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