China warns of protectionism as US trade row simmers

Tran Thi Minh Ha, Ayee Macaraig
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    Dollar today closes to 54. Phils has good economic managers. Import here and there. The reality is that, a productive country produces real products for export, create jobs for its people. That is the purpose of increasing tariffs on exportation to protect its citizens. World econonics crisis are bound to happen. Phils is lucky to have OFW to caution the impact. Their dollar remittances are bailing out the country, sad on the other hand that OFW's serve as products. Its not a matter of joke to laugh when it comes to whats happening now exportation tariffs. What the Phils can do, do the same? How is the Phils competitiveness when it comes to exportation?
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    and China are number one on the list of protectionist countries.
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    The country with the great firewall warning everyone else against isolationism. That's hilarious.
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    both US & china are blackened kettle & pot. -- if china would not be so arrogant to claimed sc sea & its islands/islets, the people may side with them.
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    ...u.s.a should protects products being copy cat by china sold cheaply back to north america and Asia...
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    Protectionism will diminish the production of China's manufactured poor standard quality merhcandise. I remember one time Australia rejected the shipment of chemical poisoned bedsheets.
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    HAHAHAAAA Yes, in this the rotten, stinking, nasty smelly chekwa are tight. It IS a very serious the nastie's economy which is going belly up because of beautiful tariffs soon to hit ALL of the cheap @ZZ sorry products they dump in the U.S. Trouble brewing in chekwaland:):):) That's why they're closing all the churches and putting people in concentration camps, because the rumbles of discontent are getting louder. VERY VERY NICE!
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    Now maybe those products imported to the Philippines not coming from China will be of better quality. Right now, products imported from them are of very poor quality. I believe it is because the people who created them are prisoners in China doing forced labor.
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    Donald L
    Raise tariff on Chinese products to 100% . Get popcorn. Watch the fireworks and cheating.
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    The world-renowned thief communist china opens its dirty mouth again! This time it is about the very nasty act these stinking communists have no compunction of committing themselves : protectionism, and of course isolationism which, of course the whole world knows, except these smelly communists themselves, that they have just come out of it themselves, from seven decades ago, then started grabbing territories from Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Tibet, Taiwan, PHilippines and from almost every smaller and less powerful country china shares border with. They could not steal even the minutest piece from the Soviets because they knew Kremlin would blow the hell out their existence. So, now they think the world would finally listen to an old thief on how to behave like a lying, shameless thief and hypocrite that they have always been. Phoewsss!