Chinese adventurer completes daring wingsuit flight through Tianmen Cave

Renowned wingsuit flyer and adventurer, Zhang Shupeng, recently accomplished the challenging feat of flying through the Tianmen Cave in Hunan province, southern China. At 12:30 pm on April 30, Zhang ascended to an altitude of over 2,000 metres above the rear of Tianmen Cave in a helicopter. Positioned 850 metres away from the cave, he leapt from the aircraft wearing his wingsuit and soared through the cave at an average speed of 180 kilometres per hour. As Zhang passed through the Tianmen Cave, a cheer could be heard near the camera. With his parachute opening smoothly and a safe landing, Zhang Shupeng became the first Chinese person to accomplish a wingsuit flight through the Tianmen Cave. After completing the challenge, Zhang Shupeng expressed his excitement during an interview, saying: "I feel extremely thrilled. I have been preparing for this crossing for 12 years. Today, the weather was perfect, and the flight path was clear. The entire process went very smoothly." The video was provided with local media’s permission.