Chinese Malaysian loyalty under spotlight as China flexes muscle

By Zurairi AR
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    Govn could hv refused China investments in the 1st place. Why glc hv so many jv s with China? Why send so many from Mara to study Chinese in China? Why pm s son studied in China?
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    Si janggut is totally wrong , majority of the Malaysian chinese are loyal to Malaysia , every race we will have a few who are not , like some of the Malays , they are very loyal to Indonesia, you cannot deny . So janggut do not bring out such subjects .
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    Yes,the Chinese remember May 13 and it's time for revenge using big brother China;first buy over land,airports and ship ports using corrupted Melayu officials.
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    Malays have allegiance and sympathy with indon. Their place of origin.
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    Not to mix between biz & investment with security. Yes, there are huge China investment but on security aspect, Malaysia still associate with united states, uk, australia, new zealand, western countries and moderate sunni muslim country on one block. We are not associate with china, russia, north korea, or iran on defence aspect. We welcome big money whereever they come
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    Abdul Rahman must had done something wrong against Chinese community in Msia. Otherwise, why suddenly he is fearful n concern about China investment in Msia? Many countries in the world have no fear on their Chinese citizen except Msia, why?
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    Everyone loves a winner, just like many pinoys and pinnas loves America
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    Pierce the heart
    All the Chinese in the world are brothers… Now, they’re bringing up the issue of nationalism among the diaspora, so the latter they will fall along with Beijing,” he said.
    lol malays are hopeless , a lecturer saying such a thing.
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    of course we feel connected, especially when the malays ask us TO MAMPUS BALIK CHINA !
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    All these China thingy, you have to thank Najib for selling the country cheap. Hahahhahahhh....who is to blame? Najib lah.