Passenger riding Didi, China’s Uber, drinks driver’s urine thinking it was free water

Zhuang Pinghui
Passenger riding Didi, China’s Uber, drinks driver’s urine thinking it was free water

China’s largest ride-hailing platform has been hit with another scandal, with a passenger of its premier service shocked to find the complimentary water bottle filled with urine.

The passenger, surnamed Sun, was travelling with three other colleagues in a Didi Chuxing seven-seat car in Shanghai’s Putuo district on Tuesday night, according to Beijing News.

He told the newspaper he confirmed with the driver that it was OK to drink from the bottle, which was printed with the Didi logo and is a customary part of the company’s premier service, when he noticed the cap was loose.

“I confirmed with the driver immediately and he said probably the previous passenger left the cap loose but didn’t drink it since the bottle was still full,” Sun said.

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He said the driver denied it was his own urine and begged him not to complain as he feared he would lose his job.

“He became very agitated and kept apologising and hitting himself. He also offered to settle from his own pocket,” Sun said.

Sun later called police and complained to Didi Chuxing.

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In response, a Didi spokesperson confirmed the report and said the driver had been suspended from service. The company said the driver had used the bottle because he was unable to find a bathroom, and then forgot about it.

“The driver apologised to the passenger repeatedly.

“We apologise for this unfortunate incident as well, and are taking both passenger and driver for physical check-ups.”

According to the spokesperson, a toilet locator is built in to Didi’s driver app and is used by more than 30,000 drivers every day.

“We will continue to upgrade and expand the locator with help from our passengers and partners.”

Didi has been working to improve its image since two rape-murders were committed by Didi drivers within three months this year. Further investigations of public records revealed at least a dozen convictions of sexual assault involving Didi drivers and passengers.

Didi counts tech giants Tencent Holdings, Baidu and Alibaba Group Holding as its shareholders. Alibaba is the parent company of the Post.

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