Chinese SUV Bestune T77 Has a Holographic Assistant

First Auto Works (FAW) Group Corporation, a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company, is unveiling an all-new SUV under its sub-brand Bestune. Called the T77, Bestune attempts to separate its SUV from the pack by giving a fresh twist to its infotainment system: a holographic assistant.

The holographic assistant can be customized between three different characters–a school girl, young boy, and a robot–which are given five clothing (otherwise known as ‘skins’) options each. All three personal assistants can carry out a total of 43 functions, like making phone calls, finding a radio station, controlling the music volume, and so on. They can even control the wipers, air conditioning and sunroof.


The characters appear within a swiveling display that projects the characters onto what looks like a prism. The technology mimics a holographic effect while actually just being a projected image.

You can see the video of the holographic assistant in action here.

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