Chipotle contest to supply winner with burritos for 20 years

To fete its 20th anniversary, premium Mexican food chain Chipotle is holding a contest that will set up the winner with 20 years’ worth of free burritos -- that’s one free burrito a week.

Approximate retail value for the big enchilada? About $9,100 USD.

Dubbed “Adventurrito,” the daily online contest involves solving puzzles and riddles that incorporate Chipotle history and the principles of sustainable food. Each contest will be accompanied by a video clue, some featuring celebrities and athletes.

The contest, which kicked off on the chain’s official birthday, July 13, will also give away free burritos for a year -- also at one burrito a week -- to 20 winners of the daily puzzles every day.

The first 20 people who successfully answer all 20 puzzles by August 2 at 8:20pm will win a burrito a week for the next 20 years (there's a pattern here) -- that amounts to 21,788 free burritos. The contest is open to fans in the US and Canada except Quebec.

Meanwhile, last year Pizza Hut pulled off a similar publicity stunt which went terribly awry. The original marketing pitch offered a lifetime supply of pizza to the person who asked US presidential candidates their pizza topping preference during a live broadcast of the debate.

Public outcry over the stunt -- which was decried as a shameful use of precious debate time -- forced the company to change the rules of the game, and the contest was opened up to the public in a random draw.

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