Choupette Poses For i-D Magazine Photoshoot: Is Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Stealing His Spotlight?

We laughed off Karl Lagerfeld's concern that Choupette is becoming more famous than him - a CAT stealing The Kaiser's spotlight? Never! But today an entire i-D magazine spread starring Karl's feline friend has landed and OMG SHE IS SO CUTE!

We already know 'Princess Choupette' can use an iPad and has multiple maids who take her to the doctors every ten days, but here is the long-awaited photographic proof that Choupette has a considerably more lavish lifestyle than you. The mammoth feature sees TEN shots of the pampered pet as well as a sketch of 'The Coco Cat' by Karl himself. It's a momentous milestone in Lady Lagerfeld's career and she looks adorable striking an array of poses in all her blue-eyed, powder-puff glory. From peering seductively out of a shopping bag to reclining on a bed of fine lace, we can officially declare that this is no average cat.

One question: where, oh, where can we get that Choupette T-shirt that Hudson Kroenig is modelling? We. Must. Have. It.

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