Chow Yun-fat will return for "The Monkey King 2"

Heidi Hsia
Chow Yun-fat will return for "The Monkey King 2"

28 Jan – Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-fat stated that he will return for the sequel for the 3D epic fantasy, "The Monkey King" if the movie exceeds RMB 900 million (approx. USD 149 million) at the box office.

As reported on Xinhua News Agency, while speaking to the media at the charity premiere alongside Aaron Kwok and Donnie Yen on 26 January, the actor expressed, "The movie will break even at RMB 900 million. If we can't pass that mark, there would be no sequel."

"But if we do pass it, I will return for the sequel," he enthused.

When asked if he is confident that the movie will do well, Chow said, "We have the Strongest Man in the Universe [Donnie Yen] this time as the lead star. It would depend on him whether we will have "rice" or "congee" this time!"

Meanwhile, Donnie stated that he will not mind returning for a sequel if they receive great response from the audiences.