Cindy Crawford Plus Mother and Daughter Pose For JCPenney's Mother's Day Campaign

You'll remember Cindy Crawford's 10-year-old daughter caused a right kerfuffle when she landed her first job as the face of the Young Versace campaign earlier this year. Shot by Mert & Marcus, Kaia looked adorably cute showcasing the brand's wares but it was that short skater skirt which received fierce criticism. Her mother acted quickly and put the brakes on her daughter’s career - for the next seven years at least.

Cindy Crawford Poses With Her Mother And Daughter For JCPenney's Mother's Day Campaign

But it seems that Cindy's more than happy to pose alongside her mini-me for a JCPenney campaign. Yep, here's the super-supermodel teaming up with Kaia as well as her own mum for a family portrait to celebrate Mother's Day (fret not - it's Mother's Day in the US, not here). The cute shot sees the trio snuggling together in matchy-matchy jeans with matchy-matchy smiles and is accompanied by a short video of more heart-warming Crawford giggling, gushing and even a tear *sniff*

'The biggest gift that my mother has given me that I try to give my daughter is - don't cry - and we talk about this a lot, is unconditional love,' says 46-year-old Cindy. 'I mean, if you're a kid, just to have that empowers you for the rest of your life and if you have that, you don't need anything else.' How sweet!

Meanwhile, little Kaia says: 'Oh my goodness, she's just the best mom in the world. I mean, she's so nice and I can actually hang out with her and have fun.' And those model-making genes are rather handy too, no?

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