Citizens, PRs born before 1962 can re-register NRICs: ICA

Source: ICA

From 1 January 2018, Singapore citizens and permanent residents born before 1962 will have the option to re-register their National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), said the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in a statement on 23 November (Thursday).

At present, Singapore citizens and permanent residents must register for their NRICs at age 15 and re-register when they turn 30, and again when they turn 55. Those born before 1962 are not covered in the mandatory re-registration exercise at age 55. The re-registration exercise came into effect only in 2017.

The optional re-registration exercise will allow these Singapore citizens and permanent residents to re-register for new NRICs with recent photographs, at a subsidised fee, said ICA.

Those eligible to replace their NRICs will receive a notification letter from ICA, and there is no need for them to do anything until they receive the letter.

Eligible NRIC holders will have one year from the date of the notification letter to re-register at the subsidised fee of $10 for Singapore citizens and $50 for permanent residents. Thereafter, the full fee of $60 applies.

Optional re-registration of NRICs for those born before 1962. Source: ICA