Clementi Pre-school Under Probe After Teacher Allegedly Made Child Eat Her Own Vomit

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A Montessori pre-school in Clementi is under investigations after a pre-school teacher—identified only as V—allegedly abused children in the centre, which includes making a child eat her own vomit.

According to The New Paper (TNP), the allegations had surfaced online last month through an anonymous post and was supposedly made by V’s colleague at the centre.

The writer alleged in confession site Storience, a platform that provides users with a safe place to write stories, experiences and secrets with guaranteed privacy and anonymity, that V had “force-fed a child who cried so hard that she vomited”.

“To our horror, teacher V made (the child) eat her vomit,” the writer also said in the now-deleted post, which the writer had requested for.

As of 29 July, according to Storience’s Facebook post, all posts relating to the alleged abuse incident has been removed. 

The page clarified that the post was removed because the presumed writers had written subsequent follow-up posts requesting its removal.

Image source: Facebook screengrab

Besides making the child eat her own vomit, the writer also accused V of taping the mouths of noisy children. 

In tackling both incidents, the writer alleged that the pre-school owner “let [V] off with just verbal warnings on the basis that she promised to change”.

ECDA Takes Serious View of Child Mismanagement

Responding to queries from TNP, a spokesman for The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) said they were alerted to the incident at around the same time the post was published.

According to her, the case is under investigation and ECDA takes a serious view of any case of child mismanagement.

“Immediate actions will be taken if our findings support the allegation,” she said. 

ECDA will also follow up on every alleged child mismanagement incident through means such as verifying records and conducting unannounced visits and interviews.

“Meanwhile, ECDA has advised the pre-school to provide guidance and support to the teachers in classroom management,” the spokesman said. 

She added: “Pre-schools are also required to report any incidents that impact the safety of their staff and children to ECDA”.

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