Clever Wallaby Drinks From Sprinkler in New South Wales

The entirety of New South Wales, Australia, has been declared drought-affected, after rainfall in December was just 20 percent of the average, media reported.

Farmer Karen Manning lives in Dubbo, NSW, and has been struggling to grow enough grass to feed her horses.

“We have been watering a small patch of grass so our horses can have a few hours a week grazing green grass,” she told Storyful.

In a video Manning posted to Facebook on January 6, it appears that the horses are not the only thirsty animals roaming around her farm.

The video shows a parched wallaby take a drink from a sprinkler as it sprays water across a small patch of grass. Initially, the wallaby has a bit of trouble drinking from the sprinkler due to its constant movement, but the critter eventually solves the problem by picking the sprinkler up to more efficiently wet its whistle.

Dubbo residents are under level 4 restrictions, wherein residents are to use only 280 liters of water per person, per day. Credit: Karen Manning via Storyful

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