Clip of dutiful Rottweiler carrying its owner’s handbag while walking on Bukit Bintang road goes viral (VIDEO)

Sylvia Looi
A Rottweiler was caught on camera holding its owner’s handbag in the Bukit Bintang area. While some praised the dog, others criticised the owner for allowing the dog to walk without a leash. — Screenshot from Facebook

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10 — A video clip showing a black Rottweiler holding a woman’s handbag with its teeth while walking on a road is making its rounds on the internet.

The 24-second clip begins with the unleashed dog coming down the stairs while holding the beige-coloured bag between its mouth while a woman, believed to be its owner, walked in front of it.

The clip, which was first uploaded yesterday evening, has since gone viral.

It is unclear when the clip, believed to be taken in Bukit Bintang, was taken.

Comments over the clip were mixed with many praising the pooch for its loyalty and some saying that no thief would dare to snatch the handbag.

Others also pointed out that the dog was without a leash.

Rianne Lew wrote it was a bad idea and that it was risking the dog’s life.

“She could have just carried her handbag while walking with her dog on leash,” she wrote.

Ansa Nita criticised the owner for letting her dog carry her handbag while Shirley Tan questioned whether the owner was lazy or a handicapped.

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