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'I feel a lot safer': Shoppers love these clip-on lights ($9 a pop) for nighttime walks

There's nothing like a brisk walk or heart-quickening jog on a nicely chill evening. But when the sun sets and you're lacing up your sneakers, the thought of stepping out with little or no daylight remaining can be daunting...and dangerous. It's all to easy to blend into your surroundings when you're striding along the side of the road. Luckily, we found nifty clip-on LED lights that allow you to be seen by motorists from afar, and they're just $18 for two at Amazon.

These LED Lights make early mornings and evening strolls in the dark feel much safer.
$19 at Amazon

Using these Apace Vision LED Lights could not be easier. Just hook them to your walking belt, pockets, sneakers, hoodies, dog collars or leashes, smartphone armband or anywhere else and enjoy up to 100 hours of battery life per light. They're happily small, about the size of a USB stick; choose from three lighting modes to help you stand out on the road: steady, slow flashing and fast flashing.

Each light comes with four extra batteries and a mini-screwdriver for hassle-free replacement, two sturdy hook and loop fasteners and one long strap for attaching the gizmo to your ankles, arms or clothing. Choose from five colors: green, blue, orange, pink and red.

Girl running wearing LED lights.
Because you want to kill it on your evening run, not GET killed. (Photo: Amazon)

"These little lights are great," raved one shopper. "They might be small in size but put out a good amount of light. I clip them to my kiddos' stroller for evening walks. I bought more and clipped some on my bike spokes, bike trailer and to my daughter's volleyball net so she can still see her net after dark and play! A lot of different uses. I highly recommend."

Said another fan: "I love these things for night walking in my neighborhood. The hot pink light is vibrant and readily visible. I clip one to my shirt sleeve and the other to my opposite pants pocket. I've noticed a big difference with cars backing down driveways and turning corners. I can tell they see me and I feel a lot safer ... Love these lights!"

Make sure you're always visible, even on foggy mornings. These clip onto your shoes with ease — and come off just as fast when your run is over. Also available in pink, red and orange.
$19 at Amazon

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