CNBLUE opens an African school

CNBLUE opens an African school

6 Apr – It was reported that a new school has been established in Burkina Faso, Africa under CNBLUE's name.

Koreaboo website reported that their agency, FNC Entertainment confirmed the news, stating that the group had participated in a charity project that constructs a school in the town of Niamadougou.

The agency stated, "To pay back the love that they've been receiving, CNBLUE has been looking for various ways to help out. So they've decided to set up a school, and will continue supporting these children in the future."

They also stated that the members will help out with the funding for the school by donating a portion of the profits made from their albums and concerts annually.

It was revealed that the school will be attended by approximately 100 pre-schoolers and 1,000 elementary and junior high school students. It will have facilities like a day-care, an after-school centre and classrooms. Meals will also be provided.

Burkina Faso is considered one of the most impoverished places in Africa, and most of the children there are illiterate. Instead of learning, the children sell items in the streets to help their family live on for another day.