New Coca-Cola launched


COCA-COLA Malaysia has introduced a sugar-free beverage in the form of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, in its bid to appeal to a more health-conscious public.

Coca-Cola Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei marketing director Tish Condeno said the newly improved recipe, which would replace its Coca-Cola Zero drink, tasted similar to the original Coca-Cola Classic.

“We know that many people love the taste of the original Coca-Cola but want to reduce their sugar intake. We are excited to unveil the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which matches the taste of the original Coca-Cola, but without the sugar,” Condeno said.

He said this was in line with the brand’s implementation of the Healthier Choice Symbol labelling, which better informs consumers on their sugar intake.

The announcement of the newest sugar-free recipe is part of Coca-Cola’s innovation to launch new low- or no-sugar drinks to help Malaysians control their sugar and calorie consumption.

The brand is also known for its other low- or no-sugar drinks, such as Sprite Zero, Schweppes Soda, Heaven and Earth Green Teas, among others.

The brand has also undergone a revamp of its products’ packaging.

Coca-Cola streamlined its new packaging, linking all of its popular drinks, including Coca-Cola Classic with the iconic Red Disc under its “One Brand” strategy.

This is to ensure the packaging of its products provides a clearer picture for customers of Coca-Cola’s range of drinks.

Beverages under the brand, such as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Light, will benefit from its association with the original Coca-Cola Classic.

Using their signature colours, the Red Disc logo will be in black for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and silver for Coca-Cola Light to emphasise the characteristics of each variant.  

 “With ‘One Brand’, our new strategy is to place all variants under the umbrella Coca-Cola brand and give customers a type of Coca-Cola that best suits their taste, lifestyle and diet,” said Coca-Cola Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei country manager Ahmad Yehia.

The new packaging helps consumers recognise the brand’s sugar-free beverage.

“Previously, our answer for consumers who love the Coca-Cola brand but want to reduce their sugar intake has been to launch different brands. It takes time to grow their presence (in the marketplace),” said Ahmad on the change for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Consumers can also find caloric information on the side of the bottles or cans.

The newly repackaged products, including Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, is available in stores starting this month.