COCO+ Giveaway: Win Discovery Channel Shark Week swag!


Sharks have been around on Earth for a long, long, looong time and come in many shapes and sizes. But it’s classic movies like Jaws and Deep Blue Sea (LL Cool J, we love you) that have brought the ginormous Great Whites firmly into our collective imaginations. Why do we love sharks so much? Maybe it’s the fact that they have a knack for indiscriminately chomping through anything, whilst keeping a steady poker face. Hell, even Finding Nemo’s friendly vegetarian shark, Bruce–who’s probably the friendliest shark in film history–ended up going on a rampage after having the slightest sniff of blood.

Well, whether you like ‘em or not, you could learn a thing or two more about sharks by tuning into Discovery Channel’s 30th Shark Week, airing from July 23-29 on SingTel TV Ch 202. This year, Shark Week will feature stars such as extreme survivalist Bear Grylls, pro-wrestler/former UFC champ Ronda Rousey, and the investors from the reality television series, Shark Tank. In the meanwhile, Discovery Channel would like to give all COCO+ members a chance to win some nifty Shark themed goodies.

First up, you’ve got this slick black waterproof Shark Week bag. With it, you can keep your personal belongings dry the next time you go for a nice swim at the beach. Be sure to look out for any fins rising up from the water though (*cue Jaws music and people screaming*).

Aside from this bag, you’ll also get a webcam cover, T-shirt, mug cosy, and a bottle opener–five pieces of spectacular, sharky paraphernalia to complete your Shark Week kit, which adds up to around SG$100!

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If you’re a COCO+ Member who is interested in this giveaway (and has an address here in Singapore), email with your full name, the subject line “I want the Shark Week Kit”.

We’ll notify winners via email on July 31, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that winning email. We ask all winners to reply and claim their prize within 24 hours, or we will pick again.

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