COE prices rise for for small cars, commercial vehicles

Fann Sim
COE prices have reached a new high in the small car and commercial vehicles categories. (Yahoo! file photo)

Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices for small cars and commercial vehicles hit a new high in the recent bidding exercise which concluded on Wednesday.

COE for small cars under 1,600cc (Category A) closed at $78,523, up from the previous record of $77,291 set two weeks ago.

The Open Category also saw a rise in COE from $93,990 to $97,000.

For Category C (goods vehicles and buses), the COE is now at $63,035 -- up $2,800 from $60,235 two weeks ago.

But for cars above 1,600cc (Category B), the COE is $90,200 -- down $2,804 from two weeks ago.

Motorcycles (Category D) also saw a fall in price. The COE fell $77 to $1,612.