Cold day in Penang spurs hot angry motorist


GEORGE TOWN: A motorist has apparently lost his cool under the cold weather yesterday and threw a fit at another, who was in a car, at Jalan Sungai Pinang here.

A two-minute-and-forty-seconds video footage of the incident was recorded by a passenger in the victim's car.

It has been uploaded to his Facebook page with 180 shares.

The video showed a man, in his late 30s, coming down from his Perodua Kembara and walked towards the victim's vehicle, which was reversing slowly, in an intimidating nature.

He then came to the left side of the victim's car and hit the car window while showing obscene gestures at the victim.

The victim then opened his window on the right side and said: "Tak mahu gaduh-gaduh la, sudah cakap sorry" (I do not want to pick a fight, I've already said sorry).

What transpired prior to the encounter was not immediately known but many had speculated that it could be a road bully case.

Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mior Farid Alathrash Wahid has been contacted on the matter but has yet to respond.