Cole Sprouse hints at a whole new Jughead in Riverdale s2

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Riverdale season two will soon be upon us, and the cast, crew and fans are looking ahead to what we can expect after last year's successful debut.

We sat down with Jughead actor Cole Sprouse to talk about the future of the show, and the direction in which his character will be heading following season one's dramatic finale.

"Jughead has gone through a lot of different iterations in the comics – they've had 75 years of Archie Comics," Sprouse told Digital Spy, reflecting on his character's past.

"He started as woman hater, which is probably something that wouldn't really wash politically anymore! Misogyny Jughead is probably not going to do well with the ratings... it's not really the best narrative!

"Then it was asexual Jughead, from [writer Chip] Zdarsky and in this, he's in love with Betty and it was something that we had talked about extensively, and that has resonated wonderfully."

He continued: "This is a new universe – we're not the digest, we're not the [Mark] Waid comics, but he definitely goes towards a more original kind of Jughead."

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Riverdale has won a huge following, but Sprouse is dedicated to not letting fans affect Jughead's development too much as we move into the second season.

"I think it's very validating to see the fan reaction that we have, but the validation you have to be super careful about," he said.

"The second you start letting that validation inform the narrative or the characters or anything like that, you're actually doing yourself a tremendous disservice, so it's been funny finding that balance."

We already know that Jughead and Betty might not be having the happiest time of it in season two. Could Sprouse be hinting at their future relationship problems following their huge shipping amongst fans?

Jughead became homeless at the end of season one, being placed in foster care – which means bringing more of the comic character's famous burger-loving spirit to the on-screen Jughead might take a back seat.

"Burger eating? Yeah! We definitely get to see a lot more of that in season two," Sprouse said. "But he's also homeless and has no source of income, so his eating is being informed by his ability to get his hands on food when he can get his hands on food!"

Riverdale returns on October 11. Watch the trailer for season two below:

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