Comedians Make Fun of Networks at the 2017 Upfronts

It’s that time of year again, when all the major broadcast networks show off their programming for the upcoming TV season to tempt advertisers into buying commercial time. Otherwise known as the Upfronts.

Seth MacFarlane (Photo: Getty Images)

As usual, presenters had a field day taking shots at their own networks, and no one was spared. Seth MacFarlane sang a little ditty about Fox’s lack of hits, and Seth Meyers poked fun at NBC for constantly patting itself on the back for the success of This Is Us. “I just showed up,” Meyers joked. “Has anybody mentioned This Is Us? Oh, they did? A bunch of times? OK, great. NBC is showing off This Is Us the way a girl shows off the diamond on her engagement ring.”

And longtime presenter Jimmy Kimmel sat this one out this year, following his newborn son’s surgery, but he did send along a letter, which stated: “Dear Friends, As many of you know, I’m boycotting the Upfronts to protest ABC’s cancelation of Dr. Ken. On behalf of my family, thank you for your good wishes. I promise to be there next year with you, on the off chance network television continues to exist.”


We gathered together the best bits at the networks’ expense at this year’s Upfronts.

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