Comedians Zizan, Shuib of Sepahtu pull out all the stops in friendly feud over social media to amusement of fans

Joe Lee
The picture that got the comedians started on trolling each other. — Picture courtesy of Instagram/shuibsepahtu

PETALING JAYA, June 26 — Funnymen Zizan Razak and Shuib of comedy outfit, Sepahtu, have brought out the heavy artillery in their friendly verbal battle roasting each other.

While the comedians have always been quick with comebacks, fans of both have been especially entertained by the two of them taking pot shots at each other on their respective Instagram accounts, with the lighthearted jibes providing much amusement.

It all began a week ago when Shuib shared a photo of his new motorcycle, which was decked in flowers and decorative bits, courtesy of wife, singer Sarah Raisuddin.

While friends like actor Zahiril Adzim merely chimed “Why????”, Zizan took it a step further and commented, “I think you can join the National Day parade, because that’s how your motorcycle looks.”

While some friends joined in the exchange and more insults were traded, Zizan upped the ante by posting an undated old photo of Shuib from early on in his career that had him in an oversized helmet.

“This is how you want to race with me? Please find a better helmet,” Zizan said in his caption yesterday.



Needless to say Shuib was not taking it sitting down and responded by immediately posting an old photo of Zizan, with the caption, “With a face like this, it’s ok, I’ll let you win.”

Zizan fired back a quick round back, commenting on the hardly flattering photo that, “If no one wants me, you have to be my father-in-law!”



Sarah has since joined in the fun, responding to Zizan, “Do you want to call me mother?? Are you crazy??”

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